Liu hand Group brings together Chongqing specialty cuisine, combined with its own 18 years of chain operation experience, heavy money to create the first small and American restaurant brand-drooling hot pot noodle. In 2016, drooling opened its first direct store in Chongqing. With hemp, spicy, fresh, fragrant and sweet products, quickly captured the hearts of many diners, but also attracted a large number of investors. In 2017, he won the "most Investment value Brand" Award awarded by Guangzhou Food and Beverage Expo, and won the New Award for Light Fast Food Industry in the same year. In 2018, he won the "favorite Food Award" awarded by Chongqing Catering Industry Association. Become a member of the China chain Catering Industry Alliance. After more than two years of operation, "drooling noodles" has more than 40 franchised stores in China and 15 regional partners (including Hong Kong and Macao), becoming a well-deserved navigator of "hot pot noodles". At the same time, the "drooling" company is actively opening up overseas markets. At present, one store in the United States (New York store) has opened, the second store in the United States (Houston store), the Philippine store, the Spanish store, the Japanese store and so on are in the process of being prepared. It is expected to complete the opening in 2019. Please look forward to it!



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