From 2000 to now, the company has developed more than 500 branches worldwide, covering thirty-one provinces, cities, autonomous regions and municipalities of China, America, Singapore, Dubai, Canada, Australia and Laos, etc. The operational success rate has been up to 82.9%. The brand has won popular support.


The hotpot condiment is pure and mellow and will not get inflamed. The product is not limited to location and follows to present consumption idea of healthy dinning.

【Advancing Idea】

Development up to now, the company is always devoted to “creating learning-type hotpot empire”, follows the core values of “honesty and customer’s value foremost”, is the first to propose the brand-new idea of the fourth-generation hotpot and sets about planning the fifth-generation hotpot.

【Perfect Service System】

Liuyishou sets its head office on 19F, Technology Development Building, No.200, Keyuan No.1 Road, High-tech District of Chongqing and consists of seven departments, namely Administrative Personnel Center, Finance Center, Operating Center, Sales Center, Brand Center, Supervision Department and Overseas Investment Center. Meanwhile, it has wholly-owned or holding subsidiaries such as Chongqing Mingshihui Food Co., Ltd., Chongqing Pindaoju Dinning Culture Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Liuyishou Dinning Management Co., Ltd. and has put huge investment in employing experts to design “Liuyishou Management Mode”, which creates the pioneer of Chongqing hotpot industry.

【Excellent Executive Force】

The employees and groups full of youthful spirit and vitality practice various systems, policies and decisions and orders completely and serve the customers heart and soul.

【Innovative Decoration Style Location】

The decoration style location that breaks through traditional unified franchisee decoration style location, bases on market development demands and combines “Liuyishou” enterprise culture, Chongqing regional culture and local regional culture carries on innovative design idea and leads the industrial tide.

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