Chongqing Liu Yishou Group Company Profile

           Established in 2000, Chongqing Liuyishou Dining Management Co., Ltd. is a professional large-scale famous enterprise devoted to hot pot chain and franchising business. Since establishment, the company insists on the development road of "devotion and entrepreneurship, learning and innovation, competition and efficiency, good faith and brand creation" and carries on the enterprise idea that "business can seek success due to diligence and commerce can seek success due to good faith" and professional spirit of continual progress and striving for the first. Diligent and earthy Liuyishou Staff select the essence to its dregs and work hard to develop Liuyishou from a street small hot pot restaurant of only hundred square meters to an international group that presently has more than 500 branches worldwide, covering thirty-one provinces, cities, autonomous regions, municipalities of China, and America, Singapore, Dubai, Canada, Australia and Laos, consists of three brands such as "Liuyishou Hotpot, Liuyishou Heart Hotpot and 61° Hotpot" and ranked the sixth place of 2014 Top100 Enterprise and has created annual turnover of over RMB2 billion. It has successively been honored with China Top10 Famous Hotpot Brand, China Famous Hotpot, China Famous Dinning Restaurant, National Green Dinning Enterprise, Chongqing Famous Hotpot, Chongqing Famous Trademark and China Top50 Chain Enterprise, etc.

           Chongqing Liuyishou Dinning Management Co., Ltd. sets the head office on 19F, Technological Development Building, Keyuan No.1 Road, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing and consists of seven departments such as Administrative Personnel Center, Finance Center, Running Center, Sales Center, Brand Center, Supervision Department and Overseas Market Department and meanwhile has wholly-owned or holding subsidiaries such as Chongqing Mingshihui Food Co., Ltd., Chongqing Pindaoju Food Culture Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Liuyishou Heart Hotpot Food Culture Co., Ltd.

           Fast-developing Liuyishou develops traditional delicious food and meanwhile pays more attention to create famous dinning restaurant with culture taste, life taste and health taste, emphasizing on creating comfortable dinning environment and thick cultural atmosphere for the clients. In the future, Liuyishou will continually insist on the operating idea that “the business can seek success due to diligence and the commerce can seek success due to good faith” and core values of “good faith highest and client’s value oriented” and will work hard to develop franchising career and step into the fifth new hotpot era featured with nutrition, health, high science and technology, humanism and personalization when unceasingly improving the management system, technology management, operating system and quality system!

Liu Yishou‘s history

According to ancient explanation, "Liu" was a kind of halberd and was a tool used to train dragon. It was extended in meaning "conquest, striving and aggression" to keep Liu in on ehand and rope in the other hand.

The founder of Liuyishou has a surname of Liu and lost his left hand due to car accident.

Liuyishou in Chinese is the homophone of "leaving one hand" in English. It is easy to remember and understand.

Liuyishou therefore got its name this way.

Liu Yi People‘s declaration

I am Liu hand, and I will put honesty and customer value first as my supreme faith. I’m going to diligence, business skilled in honesty as a virtue to keep my life.

I have to adhere to the business principle, fair competition, equal exchange, do not seek ill-gotten gains! Creating value is the pursuit of my life!

I want to comply with professional ethics, public and private, the first to pay, after the request, not harm public interests! No matter how successful and failure, no matter how much pressure, I will never give up!

Liu hand corporate culture

Business objectives: to create a learning oriented pot empire.

Enterprise style: serious, fast, adhere to the commitment.

Service concept: Let customer give a sign of our.

Joined the idea: to join one, the success of a friend, a friend.

Business philosophy: honesty in business, Efficiency comes from diligence.

Common values (faith): honesty, customer value is the highest.

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